Complete List of 10 Payz Lottery Sites 2024

Payz, which is among the most widely recognized e-wallet payment methods, can be used by lottery players to finance their accounts. It is a flexible payment method that supports 54 currencies and is available in more than 200 countries worldwide. Payz supports lottery ticket purchases in countries where online gambling is allowed.

It is a registered trademark of PSI-Pay Ltd and has a long history in the online payment industry since 2000. Payz was previously issuing a card called ecoCard which was recently replaced by Payz Mastercard. Although the card is still in use, new Payz users no longer need EcoCard to buy lotto tickets online.

Complete List of 10 Payz Lottery Sites 2024
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How to Make a Deposit with Payz at Online Lotteries

Being governed by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and a partner of Mastercard, it has developed a strong reputation for accountability. The ecoVirtualcard payment method allows the user to send payments worldwide without worrying about being watched by authorities.

Customers can also have access to their accounts via the Payz app, which enables them to control their mobile digital wallets. From deposits to money transfers, the mobile Payz app has all the functionality of the desktop version. The majority of online lottery sites accept direct Payz payments, however, some may also need the customer to link their eco card to a credit card.

Payz is a perfect payment option for boosting the account balance of an online lottery site where this form of gambling is legal. Funding the account should be a quick, simplified procedure.

To deposit money into the lotto account through Payz, there is a series of steps that gamblers follow. First of all, the customer must sign up for any Payz lottery platform. Then, they can access their account by logging in and then going to the "cashier" area. Among the deposit methods presented, the user should select Payz as the preferred payment option.

Once the payment option is set, the punter should now fill in the desired deposit amount and Payz details. Some of the personal details required include the phone number, address, and country of residence. Upon verification, the user can hit the “confirm” button to send the money. Their lottery account balance is updated immediately once the transaction is complete.

How Payz Works

An Payz MasterCard connects directly to the respective ecoAccount. That way, the user will have funds readily available for playing the online lottery. Even though the ecoCard digital wallet may be funded through bank transfer, it is not necessary to link it to a bank account.

The daily deposit limit depends on the level of the customer. New users who’ve just opened an Payz account are placed at the classic level and slowly graduate to the silver level. The maximum daily deposit limit for the Payz account is 200 EUR at the classic level and 3,000 EUR at the Silver level.

Can the User Deposit Via Mobile Phone?

Yes. It is possible to deposit via the Payz app which has the same capabilities as the desktop version. The application is supported by both android and iOS versions. Additionally, the user can also visit the website via a mobile phone whenever they need to make a deposit.

How to Make a Withdrawal with Payz

Lotto fans enjoy withdrawing their lottery payouts after a successful wager. They can withdraw money from their account using Payz as soon as they meet the withdrawal requirements. However, they should be aware that depending on the online lottery provider, the withdrawal process can differ. Some sites disburse funds to the main ecoAccount while others to Payz Mastercard.

To do this, the player first logs in to their lottery account. From a drop-down menu, they select Payz as the payment method. Lastly, they must enter the required amount and then proceed to confirm. There is a small fee associated with Payz payouts, though negligible, and may vary from one lottery site to another.

What is the Daily Withdrawal Limit?

The maximum daily withdrawal at the silver level is 750 EUR while the highest amount that one can withdraw in a single transaction is 250 EUR. For the gold, platinum, and VIP level, the daily withdrawal limit goes up to 1,500 EUR and a single transaction can involve up to 500 EUR. The highest number of ATM withdrawals that a client can make daily is 10 times for all account statuses.

What are the Processing Times?

The withdrawal process is typically quick, with some lottery sites taking less than a day while others could take up to 3 days.

Can One Withdraw Via Mobile Phone?

Yes. It is possible to withdraw money using a mobile phone thanks to the convenience of the Payz app. Clients can also visit the Payz website to transfer their funds to other bank accounts.

Safety and Security at Payz

Today's lotto players are exposed to malicious acts of fraudsters or scammers who operate on the web. The security factor must come into play especially when online lottery transactions are involved. To avoid falling into traps, lotto enthusiasts need to check whether thei preferred payment method is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK.

Money transfers using Payz are very secure and cover all security loopholes that fraudsters may compromise. The company’s focus is on ensuring the confidentiality and security of their client's sensitive information. Their servers execute every transaction as per the agreements with the Financial Conduct Authority to thwart fraud and money laundering activities.

Payz employs 3D Secure (3DS) in eco cards, enabling transparency and safety when moving money to and from online merchants and other accounts. Extra protection is provided by two-step verification to ensure that only the authorized owner can access the account.

With two-step verification, a customer receives an SMS or code in their phone number and inputs the password to verify their identity. Such a procedure is a must every time users access their accounts. The client will either receive a unique code from Google Authenticator or it will be directly sent to the phone.

Payz Customer Support Options for Lotteries

Customers have a couple of ways to quickly get in touch with Payz support when they face difficulties. The Payz homepage has a contact form, a live chat feature, and an email address. Clients are encouraged to give out their account ID if they want to be attended to via email or contact form.

When using these two channels a response is expected within 1-2 days. The Payz live chat feature is the simplest and quickest way to get in touch with online agents. A support representative is typically reachable via live chat within minutes and is accessible 24/7.

The FAQ page is available for assistance to users who are stranded and want to get quick answers to general questions. Customers are advised to use the live chat feature or email if they encounter issues logging into their accounts or concerns about account security.

If the Payz MasterCard is lost or stolen, it is recommended to handle the issue via the Payz virtual account. This is done by choosing “ecoCard” from the left-hand menu, and clicking “Cancel Card”. The Payz contact information is as follows:

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